Equatorial Guinea cuisine is a unique combination of traditional dishes and eccentric ones. A short journey to the local market might surprise you. A splendid variety of exotic meat such as porcupine (or “chucku-chucku”), deer, wild boar, antelope or sea tortoise represent the staple of any delicacies dishes in this country.

Jollof Rice - a traditional Equatorial Guinea dish made with chicken and savored with chopped pepper, garlic, shopped green pepper, and curry powder and dried shrimp.

Chicken Yassa - also a dish made with chicken and garnished with couscous and rice that is served with hamburgers and french fries

FuFu-FuFu is a staple of Central African cooking that’s made from boiling root vegetables such as cassava. This thick paste is served with grilled meat and sauces. Cassava also is prepared as cooked greens. Chilis are a popular spice and were introduced to the region during the 16th century slave trade. Popular meats include chicken and beef along with occasional game meats.


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