The Ecuadorian vegetarian meals include a lot of potatoes, because potatoes have been the main aliment in the Andean diet, as these were found here in a wide range of species: blue, sweet, red seeded (achiote), regular, nut tiny or watermelon large potatoes. The potatoes are combined with many aliments: lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, cabbage and various spices. The Spanish potatoes salad is made with onion, pepper, olive oil, cabbage, mustard, sugar, lemon juice and tarragon. This recipe also has a meat version. The vegetarian meals are spread in 3 main cities: Otavalo, Banos and Quito, where the traditional pollo sin pollo (meaning chicken without chicken) is served, on a wide plate from which the meat had been removed. The fish or chicken can be easily removed from any salads and these would still taste good, as they are complex, with many ingredients and flavors. The variety of eatable exotic fruits also facilitates the vegetarian lifestyle.

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