The Ecuadorian salads range from the simple ones with flesh greens and vegetables to the complicated salads with meat and cooked vegetables. The fresh broad bean salad or ensalada de herbas contains young shelled broad beans, butter, white vinegar or lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. A traditional Ecuadorian soup is the sope de tomates con plantanos, meaning tomatoes soup with bananas. Seafood, fish, beef and pork are very common in the Ecuadorian cuisine. Pork is intensively used in heavy soups and the seafood is used for cold dishes, assorted with sauces and rice. Cow and pig intestines and stomach are eaten a lot, in soups or with potatoes: the guatita is served with peanut sauce. The Ecuadorian desserts, which are locally named postres, include many kinds of sweets, from sweet pastries to pies and fruit salads or fruit mixes, homemade syrups, lams and butter based dough’s. The human are the favorite Ecuadorian snack and they are basically the local term for tamales.


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