Seafood, fish, beef and pork are very common in the Ecuadorian cuisine. Pork is intensively used in heavy soups and the seafood is used for cold dishes, assorted with sauces and rice. Cow and pig intestines and stomach are eaten a lot, in soups or with potatoes: the guatita is served with peanut sauce. Chaulafan is a traditional pork meat, made with diced roasted pork and served with rice, peas and eggs, all flavored with red pepper sauce and white onions. The seafood and the fish are assorted with rice, like the tuna with rice recipe, which includes tomatoes, onions, olive oil, mayo, parmesan cheese and vinegar. Shrimp al pincho is flavored with white wine, minced garlic, parsley flakes, basil and paprika. Raw seafood is popular, like in the ostiones (raw Manovre oysters with lemon juice) or in the ceviche (with black clam, red crabs, white flesh fish, lobster or sea-snail).

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