The yuca frita, fried in vegetable oil is a side dish and, also, a favorite starter. The dumplings are very often served as appetizers. These can also be included in soups and filled with any kind of aliments: cheese, eggs, vegetables, and greens, minced or sliced meat, all in fluffy dough. The pumpkin is cooked as pies or fritters, locally called pristinos and the avocado is also used in appetizers as stuffed avocados, named aguacates rellenos. Ecuadorian sandwiches are best represented by sanduche de chancho, which includes broiled pork leg, crunchy bread, pork juice and red onion sauce. The humitas are eaten everywhere in Ecuador and they are basically the local term for tamales. The recipe includes dough, made with fresh grated corn meal, butter, eggs and flour. The dough is wrapped and tied in cornhusks, which are steamed.

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