Universally it is known that the Dominican cuisine is not only easy but also very spontaneous and fun to prepare. The recipes to the cuisines of Dominican Republic’s cuisine have been notably passed through one generation to the next and so on. The unusual aspect of the Dominican Republic’s cuisines are that for breakfast there is usually a light meal, and the same light meal is prepared for dinner as well. Common meals in the cuisine of Dominican Republic are mangu which is usually accompanied by scrambled eggs and is usually topped with onions that are sautéed. Commonly a few pieces of boiled cassava or any other root is thought to be a great substitute for the mangu. You will notice that in the cuisines of Dominican Republic, dairy products such as cheese are immensely used in the region’s cuisines. The cuisines of Dominican Republic are fun to make, some of the recipes of these cuisines might require a little time, but overall they are extremely easy to prepare and a joy to serve and eat at the same time.


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