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Dominican Republic is a tropical country, for this reason alone you will find a great variety of fruit beverages. Dominicans make use of their tropical fruits to make some very unique, authentic and mouth savoring beverages to add a great taste for their juices and shakes that are in the cuisine of Dominican Republic. Many of these juices and shakes are not traditional and can not be credited to Dominicans, but a few of them are and these beverages play a significant role in the everyday diet of the people of Dominican Republic. It is simply refreshing to chill out with the shakes and juices or warm up with the teas that are featured in the cuisine of Dominican Republic. It is suggested that you drink your juices and other beverages as soon as you prepare them, as some of the nutrients in the beverages degrade with time. A few of the most popular beverages and drinks in the cuisine of Dominican Republic are: Té de jengibre (Ginger tea), Batida de lechoza (Papaya milk shake), Jugo de avena (Oat and milk juice), Avena caliente (Oat and milk hot beverage), Morir soñando (Milk and orange juice), Chocolate de agua (Non-dairy cocoa), Licor de mandarina (Mandarin liquor), Ponche de ron (Rum eggnog), Pera-piña (Pineapple and rice juice), Piña colada (Rum, pineapple and coconut drink), and the famous Chocolate de maní (Toasted peanuts cocoa).

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