Soups are a big important issue in the Czech cuisine, and usually start lunch as the first course. The most famous one of all is the goulash, a thick soup with a consistency of a stew, made from three types of meat: pork, beef and veal, with dumplings and a lot of paprika. The dish is actually borrowed from the Hungarian cuisine, but served in a Czech style with cabbage leaves. Ingredients that make for a great Czech soup gather carrots, potatoes, onions, parsley, onions, garlic, peppers and paprika. Other specific soups to this country is a cauliflower soup, the kulajda, a cream of mushroom soup, česnečka, potato and garlic soup, and the kuřecí polévka s nudlem, a chicken noodle soup. Sausage soups are also great, as well as the potato and wild mushrooms one. Another great soup is the koprovka, a dill soup made from sour milk, and is a bit different from any other available sopus in the Czech cuisine. All soups are usually served with bread.

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