In-between meals, Czech people are used to eating snacks, some as quick as a sandwich, and others prepared hot as side dishes for other meals. Sandwiches usually have cheese and ham in their composition, mayonnaise, and sometimes ketchup and mustard. Fresh tomatoes or cucumbers will only be used during summertime for the making of a sandwich. Sandwiches can be served hot, for breakfast with tea or coco, or cold as a quick snack for people in a hurry. Smažený sýr, basically fried cheese in bread crumbs is great as a snack, as well as French fries and bread dumplings (houskové knedlíky), that can be served as side dishes as well. A regional snack prepared with slight differences in different areas of the country, is a small portion of the bramborák, a pancake made of rough-grated raw potatoes, flour, milk and sliced sausages.

Sweet snacks include Czech cookies, and pastry bars with different filings made of jams or cheeses.

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