A regular salad in the Czech cuisine can consist of diced fresh tomatoes, cut cucumbers and onion rings, usually seasoned with oil, salt and pepper. Still, the mayonnaise is the key element that gives the special flavor. Cheese and salami mixed with mayonnaise can make for a great Czech salad, with no vegetables at all. Lettuce is not commonly used for salads, except during summertime when the lettuce season increases the consumption of this salad element. The salads, is made without any vegetables, are served as snacks or appetizers, and can be very rich and consistent if sauerkraut is added to it. The vegetable and lettuce salads are served as side dishes with the second course, to help digestion. Abundance in onions will be encountered in such salads, to make it spicier and more appropriate for digestion. Vinegar, olive oil and granulated sugar are used for salad preparation, and you can have a salad ready in a few minutes if you already have the dressing prepared out for you.

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