In the Czech cuisine, the desserts play a significant role, and tend to be very fatty because of the butter and animal fats used for pastries, and because of the large quantities of whipped cream that is often used. Sweets are eaten not only after dinner or lunch, but with any occasion possible. One of the national dishes is considered to be the kolače, the sweet pastry with different filings. Fruit dumplings are also very common and eaten after dinner. Other desserts in the Czech cuisine are the crepes filled with jam or strawberries and topped with whipped cream, apple strudel (jablečný závin), and the blueberry dumplings (borůvkové knedlíky). A typical Czech dessert is the Medovnik, a delicious honey cake served with ice-cream sundae (zmrzlinový pohár). Fruit jams (džem) and homemade marmalade are delicious desserts and even snacks, and can be served with different pastries or with simple fresh bread.

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