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Beverages in the Czech cuisine are an important matter, and a regular meal is usually accompanied by a beer (pivo) or a glass of wine. People in Czech Republic are heavy beer drinkers, this drink being considered as the national beverage. The finest beer types are being brewed in the western parts, in the Bohemian regions of the country, and the Pilsner Urquell is considered to be the best Czech beer brand.

Wine is also served with meals, and is particularly produced in the eastern parts, mainly Moravia region. Other great specific drinks include the plum brandy (slivovice), and a spicy herb liqueur called Becherovka. Czechs also drink sweetened tea, often with lemons, and served after meals to help the digestion process. In restaurants you will find coffee and cappuccinos to be available with milk or cream (smetana), and mineral waters served at request, as well as orange or apple juices, or other flavor sodas.

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