Appetizers in the Czech cuisine are usually consistent as people in this cuisine have a big appetite. Salads made of sausages and a lot of mayonnaise, or soups can be served instead of an appetizer, as the first course. Among the regular Czech appetizers, there is the pivní sýr, beer cheese, hard and served with paprika and onion, and usually served with beer. Ham and cheese go great as appetizers, served with pickled cucumbers and peppers. Dumplings can serve as appetizers, usually potato and plum dumplings (svestkove knedliky). In restaurants you can find garlic dip or spread to be the main appetizer served before dinner or lunch, as well as the houby s vejci (mushrooms with eggs). Sauerkraut, a German typical sausage, can be served as an appetizer with pickles. Sometimes, makovy kolac, a poppy seed pastry will be served before lunch, as well as other types of fresh Czech bread.

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