There will not be many vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Costa Rica, as they surprisingly lack in the cuisine. Most commonly nothing more than a little pile of shredded cabbage topped with a slice or two of tomato can be seen on the Costa Rican meals. A vegetable dish that is worth mentioning is the pejibaye, a form of palm fruit that looks like a miniature orange coconut. Boiled pejibayes are frequently sold from carts on the streets of San José. When cut in half, a pejibaye reveals a large seed surrounded by soft, fibrous flesh. You can eat it plain, but it's usually topped with a dollop of mayonnaise. On the whole it is a quite rare sight to find any traditional and authentic vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Costa Rica as the locals there are primarily meat lovers therefore, it is not surprising not to find many vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Costa Rica.

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