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There is a variety of Costa Rican beverages in the cuisine of Costa Rica. Frescos, refrescos and jugos naturals are the toppers of the beverage list in Cost Rica. Most of the beverages in the cuisine of Costa Rica are made from fresh fruit, milk or water. Mangoes, papayas, blackberries (mora), and pineapples are commonly used in the preparation of the Costa Rican beverages. Some of the Costa Rican beverages are made uniquely with flour and a lot of cinnamon. If you are a coffee lover, then you might be a little disappointed with the fact that there are not many traditional coffee beverages in the cuisine of Costa Rica as the best of coffee in Costa Rica has traditionally been targeted for export and the locals in Costa Rica prefer their own weak and sugary coffee blends. A popular morning beverage in the cuisine of Costa Rica is the agua dulce, this is a warm drink that is made from melted sugar cane and served with either milk, lemon or simply plain. It is a unique delight.

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