The traditional Congo kitchen is situated outside and by far the most traditional and to-this-day the most common sight in a Congo kitchen is a stewpot filled with meat and vegetables simmering over a fire. Generally the soups in the Congo cuisine are the main course so they are more than just typical ‘soups’. They are not ‘stews’ in the European-American sense as they are usually eaten with starchy staple or Fufu-like dish, such as the Baton de Manioc, Fufu, Ugali, or some form of rice, millet, sorghum or maize (corn). Usually the soups in the Congo cuisine are not blended into a smooth texture, nor are they served along with other meat or vegetable dishes. Some of the most common soups in the Congo cuisine are, Afang Soup, Bunny Chow, Calalu, Egusi Soup, Elephant Soup, Groundnut Stew, Lablabi, Mbanga Soup ,Molokhia, Ndole Soup, Oqbono Soup,Palm Butter Soup, Palm-Oil Chop, Peanut Soup. Plasas. Superkanja etc. There are abundant varieties of soups in the Congo Cuisine which are extremely traditional and define the taste of the Congo cuisine.

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