The salads in the Congo cuisine are very simple. The ingredients used in the salads are readily available. Most of the salads in the Congo cuisine are made from fresh vegetables and fruits, topped with vinegar and pepper. Most of the recipes that you will find of salads in the Congo cuisine will have potatoes as one of the main ingredients. Spinach, garlic, beans and various spicy peppers are also used. The most popular Congo Salad is the Fruit Salad. It is made with fresh tropical fruits like pineapples, paw paw, plantains and sugarcane juice. Fresh lettuces and cassava leaves are also used in the Congo salads. The Herb Salad is made from fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, topped with fresh watercress, with yogurt house dressing is extremely delicious. Other salads that you will find in the Congo cuisine are mainly made from fresh leaves of mint, basil and watercress; along with scallions, radishes and feta cheese; with or without the traditional house dressing they are absolutely delicious and very delicately prepared. [[Category:African Salads

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