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In the cuisine of Congo there are various yummy beverages to choose from. These beverages are quite easy to prepare as well, which adds more flavour to your cooking. If you are in Congo, then you might find some great tasting bottled soft drinks and beer being a major favourite in the beverage category in the Congo cuisine. So if you are thirsty or just simply fond of the delicious mouth-watering beverages of the Congolese, it is suggested that you try some of these traditional Congolese beverages: Cardamom Tea, Chai, Coconut Juice, Ginger Beer, Green Tea with Mint, Jus de Bissap, Kahawa, Maziwa, Maziwa Mabichi, and Mtindi, Pombe, Tembo, and Mawa, Tamarind Drink and even plain water is a part of any cuisine in the world. The recipes to these beverages are readily available as are the ingredients used in them in most of the food departmental stores. They are fun to prepare and even more enjoyable to drink.

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