There are many appetizers to choose from in the Congo cuisine. They are very scrumptious and mouth-savouring. The Vegetarian Bento Box is a great appetizer, made from tamarind glazed tofu, steamed white asparagus, roasted artichoke served with potato and black mint aioli. The Congolese Seafood Bowl is popular in the Congo cuisine. This appetizer is made from tuna, clams, mussels and lobster in a coconut cream smoked fish broth with chayote. Whipped Potatoes with butter and sour cream is a delightful treat. Creamed spinach with mushrooms and nutmeg is also a favourite among the people of Congo. The most famous Congo appetizer by far is the Goat Curry, which is stewed in curried coconut milk and served with a lentil cake with endive and bananas. Most of the soups in the Congo cuisine also serve to be great appetizers. The Congo appetizers found in the Congo cuisine are truly lip-licking, easy to make and very tasty!

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