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Chinese appetizers can consist of: dumplings, crispy dishes, cookies, toasts, lotus flowers, rice, chicken wontons, pot stickers and tamari roasted nuts. Chicken is prepared as Kung Pao chicken, tso`s chicken, chicken in peanut sauce, braised chicken with peppers (which includes brown sugar and cornstarch), simply fried, chicken with pineapple or with fried walnuts. Most of the Chinese soups are named after the vegetable names that they contain, although they are almost all based on meat, especially chicken stock. Dumplings are simply prepared steamed, with sugar, flour and oil or filled (jiaozy or pot sticker – shallow fried) with various aliments, including red beans, crabs with peanuts roast or minced pork meat with rice wine. Rice is consumed in wide amounts, especially combined with highly flavoured aliments, such as: almonds and various nuts, garlic, green onions or champignon mushrooms. The traditional fortune cookie is made with flour, cardamom, brown sugar, salt, eggs and anason. Other sweets include almond cookies, fruit droughts, almond cream with chow chow (with unflavoured gelatine, milk and almond essence), or almond lake with mandarin oranges.

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