Desserts are not a must in the traditional Chinese cuisine, mainly because sweet elements or fruits are introduced in the main courses. The fruit dishes are called basi (banana or apple topped with sugar syrup). Fruits are also consumed as stuffed, like the stuffed watermelon, as salads or as fillings in droughts or pancakes. Some desserts are fried or incorporated, like the red bean paste, locally called doushua, which also exists in other significant Asian cuisines. The doushabao contains dousha and it is eaten as breakfast, but dousha can also be a filling for many meals. Puddings are best represented by babao fan, which is made with rice. The traditional fortune cookie is made with flour, cardamom, brown sugar, salt, eggs and anason. Other sweets include almond cookies, fruit droughts, almond cream with chow chow (with unflavoured gelatine, milk and almond essence), or almond lake with mandarin oranges.


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