During the meal, Chinese people don’t drink, because they believe drinks interfere with the good digestion. Still, light drinks, like plain water or tea are sometimes consumed during dinner. Tea is drunk especially to help the digestion of greasy foods and soups are served at the end of meals, to fill in the empty space in the stomach. Chinese tea is divided into 8 categories: green, oolong (iron guan yin, lone bush), black (pu`er), red (tian, qi men), white, yellow, flower and compressed (peg top). A great tea is the melon bubble one, made with pearl tapioca, cantaloupes or honeydews, coconut milk and orange juice. Other served drinks are the soy milk, which is very nutritious and drank during breakfast, soybean milk drink, lemonade and scorpion. Soy milk is made by soaking soybeans and water. Soy milk has a beanie taste, but it is recognised as having various health benefits. Sometimes, sugar and oils are mixed with the soymilk to get a more milky texture


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