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In Chile, mineral waters and soft drinks are popular. Coffee is usually of the instant variety. Chilean wines are world famous and highly regarded. There are many varieties from the numerous and topographically varied wine-producing regions. Chile also produces a local beer, Escudo, and a potent grape brandy known as pisco. The pisco sour is made with pisco (a local grape-based alcohol which should never be consumed alone), powdered sugar, egg white and fresh limes. It is a tart beverage and powerful; two should always be the limit! No Chilean meal is complete without vino (wine) from the countryside, where vineyards like Undurraga, Santa Carolina, Cousiño Macul, and Concha y Toro produce excellent reds and whites for domestic and foreign markets. Pisco is a powerful grape-based distilled spirit produced in the northern vineyards in the Limarí and Elqui valleys, and as far as Copiapó. It serves as the basis for the pisco sour. The tastiest possibility is one of the mediocre brews on draft. A draft beer is known as a schop (pronounced like “chop”) and comes in a nice liter mug; almost enough to convince you that it is fine hopsy ale. For the health minded, wonderful juices are available in the Chilean cuisine recipes with whatever fruits are in season. Be warned that the Chilean taste for sugar can occasionally make them outrageously sweet, so specify ¨puro jugo sin azucar¨( pure juice without sugar) before if you want it natural.

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