My name is Cathy. My family and friends call me Cat. I live in Dallas, Texas. I have been here since 1970. My early years were spent in Virginia (where I was born), Florida, Michigan and Ohio. My father was career Navy thus the reasons for all the moves. We ended up in Dallas, Texas after his retirement. I love Texas and am proud to call it home. I can't imagine myself ever living anywhere else although I do love to vacation in Lake Tahoe and could see myself retiring there. From the time I was age 12 or so, I always liked to help my mother in the kitchen. I always enjoyed chopping fruits and vegetables, helping with the cooking and even enjoyed setting the table. Since there were five kids and my parents, I never learned to cook smaller portions, to this day, even after 26 years of marriage, I still cook in large batches, but that's OK my husband and I don't mind leftovers. My collection of recipes, though very laborious and a very long journey that is still continuing, is fullof blood, swetand tears AND most importantly all done out of love. I have thousands of dollars invested in my collection but I would do it again and again and again.


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