In Canadian cuisine you can choose from a lot of snacks such as: banana boats, banana yoghurt popsicles, microwave chocolate fudge, strawberry pops, yoghurt popsicles, creamsicles, microwave peanut brittle, sneaky snack, dirty dung balls, banana milkshake, zucchini oaties, fruitcake shake, trail mix, peanut butter crunchies, choco-cherry toasted treats, hamburger cupcakes and many other snacks. If you want to prepare banana boats you need bananas, chocolate bar, chocolate chips, berries, miniature marshmallows and aluminum foil. Considering that you would like to prepare delicious strawberry pops, you need the following ingredients: frozen strawberries, yoghurt sweetened with honey, and vanilla. For a sneaky snack you need 2 hot-dogs, grape or strawberry jam, ketchup ; this combination sounds weird but it definitely has an interesting taste. All you have to do is cut the hot-dogs into 6 pieces each and fill them with the mixture of jelly and ketchup and then introduce them in the microwave for almost one minute.

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