There is also a wide variety of Canadian salads as it follows: Thai mango salad with roasted peanuts, salad dressing, celestial chicken salad, broccoli supreme, homemade croutons, apple-walnut salad with cranberry vinaigrette, low fat potato salad, apple-carrot slaw, cashew chicken salad, white wedding salad, classic potato salad, Caesar salad dressing, buttermilk-cucumber dressing, blender mayonnaise, tomato French dressing, Italian dressing, melon salad, cucumber salad, tossed salad with spicy tomato dressing, chicken Caesar salad and many others. In order to prepare a Thai mango salad with roasted peanuts you need 2 limes, soy sauce or fish sauce, granulated sugar, jalapeno pepper seeded and minced or hot red chili flakes, peanut oil, 2 mangoes and salt, 2 sweet peppers, a carrot, green onions, chopped fresh mint, lettuce, and toasted peanuts. You can also add some nuts to these ingredients.

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