There are many delicious appetizers in the Canadian cuisine. Such appetizers include sweet and sour meatballs which can be added red or green peppers and served over rice; beef summer sausage which can be served with crackers or soft cheese; pumpernickel topped with smoked salmon containing cream cheese, red onion, smoked salmon, capers and dill; ham and spinach triangles; brie and pepper tarts; warm mushroom crostini; strawberry fruit dip which is very delicious and easy to make; another great appetizer done in advance and in a flash and which needs to be chilled is ranch ham roll-ups. Except all these appetizers, Canadians also prepare different and delicious nacho dip which is like a chicken wing dip and a nacho dip combined; all Canadian chicken bites are very tasty and you can serve them as the main meat dish or as a snack. (:(:(:

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