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The cuisine of Cameroon is one of the most varied in Africa. Staple foods in Cameroon include cassava, yam, rice, plantain, potato, maize, beans, and millet. There are many fruits growing on the fertile grounds of Cameroon such as bananas, oranges, local grapes and Mbu (a purplish-blue fruit looking like a small plum).

Macabo prepared with Tomatoes and Ezezan is a Cameroonian main dish that is easy to make. Its cooking time varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Its ingredients include tomatoes, Macabo peppers and tubers.

Cocoyam Koki is a main dish that has a quick cooking time (30 minutes). It is made using crayfish, sweet pepper, cocoyam, welolo and some bitter leaves for wrapping.

Beans and Corn Pottage is a side dish. To make it, you boil together maize and beans while you chop in a separate bowl some pepper, onion, tomato and crayfish. Add all ingredients to beans and maize and cook until all ingredients are well blended, stirring occasionally.

Brochette a la Camerounaise is a delicious dish. The main ingredients for this recipe are beef (cut into bite-sized pieces), onion, sweet green pepper and tomatoes. To marinate the meat you need oil, cider vinegar, onion, garlic, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper or red pepper and salt.


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