The Brazilian diet includes some elementary aliments, which are constantly found in the authentic Brazilian recipes: beans, coconut, dendi oil, codfish, rice, lemon, shrimp and manioc are creatively combined in the authentic Brazilian recipes. Beans are used in many regional dishes, but the most remarkable ones are the feijão tropeiro (beans with seasoned cassava flour) and pinto beans puree, usually served as side dishes to some seafood meal. The Brazilian style rice (arroz brasileiro or arroz simples) is flavored with garlic and black olives or tomatoes and most of the times served as sautéed. Rice is also used as a side dish and prepared spicy and hot in most cases, or milder with spicier fish recipes. In the Central-West region, the main dishes include hunting and fishing products, served with rice, manioc, soybean and maize and in the Southeast is represented by the pork, beans, maize and a wide variety of cheeses.


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