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Bosnians have a special way of cooking; traditional meals are very appreciated especially in the old town. In the big cities like Sarajevo you can find restaurants with specific Mediterranean cuisine. A traditional Bosnian meal cannot exclude meat. Traditional desserts include milk and milk products like cream. Baklava is a traditional dessert which contains sweet nuts and honey in pastry. In Bosnia, hamburgers are called pleskavica are made in a special type of bread named pita bread. Bosnian salads are generally prepared with mixed tomatoes, lettuce, Onion, pepper and cheese. Many pickled foods are served as salads for a meal, such as pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions. In the Bosnian cuisine the salads are usually accompanying the main dish but it also can be eaten separated.The most frequent type of meat consumed by Bosnians is Beef. Bosnians prefer smoked meat: smoked ribs, smoked neck or smoked sausages. They serve smoked meat uncooked on a plateau or they fry it on a grill and serve it with boiled vegetables like beans, potatoes. But more common meat dishes are served with mashed or fried potatoes. Other important dishes that include meat are filovane paprika made of fried peppers stuffed with minced meat and spices, jabrak which is cabbage rolls stuffed with or Beef meat and rice. Bosnian women cook pies filled with meat.

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