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Like most African countries, in Benin you may find a variety of vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian salads are usually made of fresh vegetables or fruits, but there are also vegetarian dishes prepared with boiled vegetables which are normally served with different sauces. One of most popular Beninese vegetarian dishes is the famous combination of okra and greens. This salad is made with okra, chopped onion, water, greens like collards, kale and cassava; palm butter and chilly pepper.

Aloco is a popular side dish in Benin which contains red palm oil, ripe plantain bananas, salt, chopped onion, peeled and chopped tomatoes and chopped chilly pepper.

Boiled vegetables are an easy to make vegetarian dish. For this recipe you can use all sort of vegetables such as tomatoes, red or green peppers, onion; red, white or sweet potatoes, yams. The only thing you have to do is to boil the vegetables and then chop them in small cubes or slices. Another mode of preparing vegetarian dishes is using the ingredients from above and instead of boiling them you can mash them.

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