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Salads are served as appetizers or with the main dish, and the fruits salads are served as dessert. The most common desserts are include fruits or vegetables but there are also some recipes which include meat, especially fish or chicken. A delicious salad which includes meat is the so-called salad of Sweet Potato Greens with Fish and Shrimp, along the mentioned ingredients you also need onion, chilly pepper, palm oil, tomato paste, baking soda and chicken. Greens with Green pepper are a delight served with peanut sauce and can be served with Fufu or eaten separately. A tasty salad may be made out of breadfruit.

A delicious salad is Futari made by combining squash, yams and coconut milk.

In order to prepare Futari you also need chopped onion, oil, cinnamon, ground cloves and salt and all you need to do is to fry the onion, stir the other ingredients and then cook until the vegetables become tender. Domoda is another delicious salad that includes meat. Domoda is made with stew meat, garlic, onion, squash, peanut butter, chilly pepper, lemon juice and tomatoes.

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