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Mineral water is the most common refreshment served all around Benin. People from Benin use to drink a lot of tea made from exotic plants. The most popular tea plants are mint, cardamom. The most common teas are Chai and Green tea with mint. Due to the fact that Benin is heavy in fruits, women prepare for their families a variety of juices. A common juice is the so called Jus de Bissap made of dried hibiscus flowers or roselle, sugar and plants such as mint, vanilla, fresh ginger or orange juice.

Tchoucoutou is a thick, sweet local beer consumed mostly in the northern regions. It can be simply found in Parakou, and it is fashionable among locals and visitors too.

The most popular alcoholic beverages are the local beers such as Flag, Castel and La Beninoise. Sodabi is a home made alcoholic drink obtained by brewing palm wine. Wine is made of raisons, palm roots and other exotic fruits.

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