In order to serve a complete menu, people from Benin prepare a variety of appetizers. Here are some of the most popular appetizers served in Benin:

  • Cane rat is a specialty served through all western Africa. Field mice are eaten and valued for their tasty high-protein meat. As the mice are mostly found in the rural regions they are afterwards sold in urban markets like other bushmeats.
  • Fufu is usually made from yams, occasionally shared with plantains. Fufu is frequently made from cassava tubers. Fufu can also be made from semolina, rice, or even instant potato flakes. Fufu is made by boiling, pounding, and vigorous stirring until the fufu is thick and smooth.
  • Adalu or niebe et mais is made with dried cowpeas and either fresh or dried maize, cayenne or red pepper, small pieces of potash and salt. In the southern region of Benin, the population adds corn or beans instead of cowpeas.
  • Beans and rice is a popular dish served as appetizer. To make beans and rice you need kidney beans( red beans, black-eyed peas, pigeon peas), rice, salt and black pepper. The preparation mode is quite simple: you have to boil the beans and the rice for about twenty minutes and then spice them with salt and black pepper.

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