In the Bengali cuisine category of India there are abundant vegetable dishes. As Bengal is situated on the coastal area with monsoon showers that are heavy in the area, making the soil very fertile, therefore it is not astounding to find rice, wheat and a variety of vegetables being the main part of the Indian diet. Predominantly all dishes from rice and vegetables are seasoned with karri, which a fusion of spices including such mandatory components as powder is made of boiled and dried roots of turmeric, red chili pepper or cayenne pepper, seeds of fenugreek and coriander. Besides this zeera or the Indian caraway seeds, black pepper and garlic, ginger and saffron can be added to make a scrumptious vegetable dish. Bengali recipes of the most refined vegetable dishes from India also contain cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg to make the dish more oriental. Many of the dishes that you find with regard to vegetables in the Bengali cuisine category of India also use meat in them, as Bengalis are meat lovers. On the whole, whether boiled, steamed sautéed or cooked in a sauce, one thing that all Bengali vegetable dishes have in common is that they are always flavored with some spice or other. As in the western cookery, vegetables are eaten as dishes in their own right or used for stuffing’s or cooked with meat, poultry, fish or dal. They also crop up in desserts, as in the case of the Carrot halva.

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