Indians love eating snacks, whether when they are out for shopping or soothing at home. It is a frequent site to see street vendors selling spicy morsels that are a usual caller to any home in India. The every day custom of eating the Bengali snacks is a part of the way of life in India where food is taken pleasure in along with gossip. These Bengali snacks are also readily available from vendors that few are actually cooked in the home. Every town and city has its own specialties, blending the many influences of the sub-continent. Hot spicy, crisp samosas are a favorite tea time snack from the Bengali cuisine of India. Some of the most common Bengali snacks are: kebabs, Pakoras, Namkeen Dal, Samosas and many more. In the Bengali cuisine of India there are a few but some of the most appetizing and delectable snacks. Some of the very traditional snacks comprise of dried fruits that are fried in salt. Without a doubt, most of the snack dish recipes in the Bengali cuisine category are made up from dried fruits, fresh mangos, melon, oranges, grapes, peaches and pears. The traditional Chaat snack which is made from fruits with citric juice sprinkled with spicy masala is a favorite among the Indians. Omelets and other dishes made from eggs are also common snacks served with the traditional Indian hot tea.

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