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The appetizers in the cuisine of Bengal are quite famous in Bengal. Commonly the appetizers in the cuisine of Bengal are served alongside with drinks. The appetizers that you will find in the cuisine of Bengal are fun and easy to make. In Bengal the appetizers that are served in restaurants are mostly free of cost, but if they are not then you will most probably find them being highly inexpensive. There are many popular appetizers among the locals in Bengal and they are traditional in nature too. The most popular appetizers include tortillas pilled up with meat, chicken, cheese or beans, marinated seafood salad, and tamales stuffed cornmeal patties that are wrapped and steamed inside banana leaves, friend green plantain chips and the most popular fried fish. The Bengali appetizers are served before the main course meal mostly, but they can also be served along with the main course meal. One of the most appealing factors of the Bengali appetizers is that you do not need any special equipment or a complicated preparation method to cook these appetizers. You will indeed enjoy making your Bengali appetizers.

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