A traditional dish is kotleta pokrestyansky, pork cutlets served in mushroom sauce. Machanka is a sauce served with various meat and pancake dishes. Freshwater fish such as perch and crayfish are plentiful and served in many restaurants. A common soup in Belarus is shtchi. Made from sauerkraut, potatoes and fried onions, it is usually served with sour cream. Desserts are also popular recipes: GUELDER ROSE KISIEL contains guelder rose berries, 0.5 cupful sugar, 2 tblsps potato flour while the STRAWBERRY KISIEL is created by using 1 cupful strawberries, 3/4 cupful sugar, 2 tblsps potato flour. Hot appetizers are popular in Belarus and these include pan fried mushrooms, tripe, and beetroot, among other delicacies. On Christmas Eve bread is not cut with a knife but is broken with hands. "Zatirka" is a traditional flour dish that is often considered the pride of the Belarusian cuisine.


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