• STEWED DRIED FRUITS WITH HONEY - containing dried fruits, water and honey. This excellent desert is served cooled.
  • CRANBERRY KISIEL includes about 100-120 g of cranberry, 3-4 tblsps sugar, 2-3 tblsps potato flour - ht juice obtained from the cranberries is poured out the prepared kisiel and the dessert is sprinkled with sugar.
  • GUELDER ROSE KISIEL contains guelder rose berries, 0.5 cupful sugar, 2 tblsps potato flour while the STRAWBERRY KISIEL is created by using 1 cupful strawberries, 3/4 cupful sugar, 2 tblsps potato flour.
  • However, most chefs and home cooks will be most proud of the BELARUSIAN KISIEL which contains 2 cupful rolled oats, 0.5 l water, 4 tblsps sugar - when served cool, this dessert is one of the most refreshing one in the Belarusian cuisine.

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