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Balouchi cuisine consists of many dishes. The vegetarian part of the Balouchi cuisine is also in significant quantity. It is known that 90% of the dishes in Balouchi cuisine are meat-based, but there are several vegetarian dishes as well. Though there may be many meat-based dishes at festivals, there will also be several vegetarian ones.

Vegetables may be used to make kababs along with other ingredients. You may also make use of the vegetables to create a mixture to cook as kababs, etc. It is common to use minced meat as a filling. However, vegetarian kababs may be made purely of vegetables.

In addition to this type of vegetable dish, there is Chaman Purdah Badal, which is paneer doubled by a coating of mango and coriander-mint chutney. Also, there is Bahar Zatar Masala, which is cauliflower cooked in a tandoor/oven with Zatar Spice, and Khumb aur Anjeer Ke Kabab.

In addition the above delicious kababs, for a main course, there are Subz Zarad Khush Mahek. This is mixed vegetables cooked in spices. Also Methi Makkai Khas Lagan and Paneer Laung Latta are great to taste.

There have also been some experimentations with vegetarian dishes, and these include, lukmat-e-subz, dhuan aur sarson ke paneer and lacheele dum paneer ke tinke.

In addition having only vegetarian dishes to eat, a Balouchi vegetarian cuisine cannot be complete with drinks to go along with it. This is why there are some of the best Balouchi ‘sherbet’. This sherbet made with ‘Tukhmallanga’ seeds. A dessert that would go along with such cuisine includes Gajar Aur Seb Ka Murakat. This is a delicious mix of carrots and apples. These are dried and preserved in sugar syrup, and are served with rice faluda.

The fact that there are very few people who could be classified as vegetarians in Balouchistan makes it really surprising that Balouchi cuisine encompass a vegetarian main course, dessert, and drinks.

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