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Balouchi cuisine, being known as a complete cuisine, has everything including soups.

These soups are great to taste and are nutritious. Balouchi soups may be consumed independent of a main course. This is because of the fact that soups in Balouchi cuisine are great to taste. They are often used as appetizers.

Balouchi soups may be made of vegetables or meat blended to a paste. The paste may be mixed with water, and this type of mixture is easily cooked and served. Generally, there are several things that people can do to produce soups, but in Balouchi cuisine, it is quite usual to have mutton soups.

Two of the important soups commonly known in Balouchi cuisine include the Ibteda-e-Nansh, which is considered to be a refreshing drink before a meal), and Mushq-e-Murakkat, which is a soup made from undiluted extracts. Usually the latter is from mutton.

In addition to the soups, there are other drinks that are also great to taste. These usually include zeera aab, which is a spicy drink produced from smoked pineapple and zeera water. This is garnished with rock salt, and the sherbet, mahek khaus, contains almonds and mountain cinnamon in cold milk. Though this may not be considered as a soup it is certainly a great drink to have.

Aside from this drink, there are other soups that are prepared in true Balouchi style. These are favorites of Balouchi people and are produced using spices. Corn flour is absent from these soups, as they are completely traditional in their style of preparation.

The sabz masale ka murakkat is an extract of vegetable with spices. The yakhani gosht shurva zor masala is a delicious and aromatic soup made from mutton. This is actually made from the extracts of the marrow that gives it its great and unique taste. The spices used in this type of soup vary, but with the essential ingredient, marrow, this Balouchi soup has a lovely taste.

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