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In any cuisine, snacks are of great importance. This is because aside from having main course meals with great tasting food, for smaller occasions there is also a need for good food. In Balouchi cuisine, this is not a problem, as there are so many great tasting foods available. These foods normally may be part of a whole main course, but they make great snacks as well. You may have the smaller and more commonly available snacks like samosas, but there may be others like Machhli Ke Parchey. This is an exotic dish that may be described as sliced fish cooked on stone. Cooking on stone is common because it brings out a great taste in Balouchi food.

Aside from the fish snack, you may have Dum Nali Ka Gosht, which is prepared from mutton shanks, and Peshawari Chapplai Ke Kebab. It must be asserted here that kababs are a favorite of Balouchies, and indeed it has some interesting history to it as well.

Apart from kababs for snack times, you may also have curries for a snack. Curries like Murgh Baluchi Salan and Gal Gosht make great snacks, especially if you go an outdoor trip. If you are going on an outdoor trip, kababs cannot be left out. They are almost essential, as they are most convenient to carry along. They can also be eaten when they are cold. In fact, a number of these kabas are best consumed cold. Some are prepared and kept overnight in order for them to taste better the following day.

Other snacks consumed in Balouchi cuisine may include pakoras. These are made from gram flour basically, and need to be consumed when they are freshly fried. They are normally cooked with their centers filled with large potatoes, chilies or even onion. Large spinach leaves may also be used too. When fried in oil, the pakoras need to be well drained to make a great tasting snack in Balouchi cuisine.

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