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90% of Balouchi cuisine consists of meat dishes, and there are few that do without any kind of meat. Just like biryani is popular in other parts of Pakistan and even in India, in Balouchistan too you will find variations of this dish. They add their own spices and ingredients to give it a special Balouchi flavor. Balouchi biryani is made from fennel rice and vermicelli, and is called Luqmat Gosht Biryani Sevian. However, this is not the only Balouchi meat dish to eat. There are many other Balouchi dishes in Balouchi cuisine that are made of beef, mutton, chicken, and fish.

Other meat dishes cooked in Balouchi cuisine include Dum Nali Ka Gosht, which is mutton shanks, Machhli Ke Parchey, which is fish cooked on stone, and Peshawari Chapplai Ke Kebab, which is ground meat rolled into Kebabs. In addition to these, there are other meat dishes that use ingredients consisting of spices like green and yellow chilly powder with ‘zakar’. Zakar is a mixture of ground coriander and cumin. In Balouchi cuisine, curries you would like to taste are Murgh Baluchi Salan and Gal Gosht.

In addition to the above meat-based dishes in the Balouchi cuisine, others include kebabs made using charcoal fire. In addition to these, there is mukkamal rann-e-zatar, gosht ke seekh, pathani gosht ke bihari, murg dum tikka baluchi, and murg khaas angaar. Specialities would include seafood kebabs, such as machali tikka tilnaz and angaar-e-samundar.

The various dishes mentioned here may be made of meat, but some kababs may consist of a mixture of ingredients along with their meat. They may be mixed with lentils or even vegetables. In addition to this, in Balouchi cuisine, dishes like curries could also consist of a mixture of vegetables and meats.

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