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Balouchi cuisine has an interesting array of desserts. These are rich and delicious. They are also easy to prepare and are made from the common fruits available I the province. Also, some of these desserts are mixed in cream and milk to make them wholesome and nutritious.

Balouchi cuisine is not complete without a dessert, and in any ceremony, desserts are important. After consuming a heavy meal a whole dessert is just what you need. The Baluchi ‘sherbet’ that is made from ‘Tukhmallanga’ seeds, is a great drink to have. In addition to this there is the Gajar Aur Seb Ka Murakat. This is a brilliant mixture of carrots and apples. They are dried and preserved in sugar syrup, and are served with rice faluda. These sweet dishes are great to settle your taste buds after having spicy food in the main course.

Most desserts tend to be made from the dry fruits available in Balouchistan. They are nutritious dried fruits, and this is the reason why they are even transported to other parts of the country. Sometimes the desserts made from these dried fruits can be consumed without having them as part of a normal dinner course. This is because they are wholesome, and people may generally take to them for a means of strengthening themselves.

Another interesting dessert to consume includes the Oom Ali! Some people find this dessert so unusually that they have a problem finding the right words to describe it. However, it is a dessert that is quite flaky, and may be described as a pastry that is baked using milk, cream and dry fruits.

Indeed, there are several kinds of desserts in Balouchi cuisine, and each one of them is unique and important to making a meal course more complete.

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