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Balouchi cuisine is a cuisine containing everything. It has the best of everything in it, and that includes its beverages too. There are several kinds of beverages that the people of Balouchistan have. Many of them are sweet and are syrup based.

One of the main important beverages that Balouchi cuisine is known for includes a drink called Ibteda-e-Nansh. This is a refreshing drink that is usually consumed before a meal. However, it may be had at anytime. Mushq-e-Murakkat is another type of drink. Basically, it is a soup that is prepared from extracts. This means that these soups are prepared from boiled chicken, vegetable, mutton, etc.

In addition to these drinks mentioned above, there is the zeera aab drink that is reaaly something unusual but also a favorite. The zeera aab is a spicy drink prepared from smoked pineapple and zeera water. These two main ingredients are garnished with rock salt. Along with this, the sherbet mahek khaus, which consists of almonds and mountain cinnamon is mixed in cold milk. Another interesting aspect of this drink is that it is served in a scooped out portion of a green pineapple. This enhances the flavor of the drink and also gives you an extra feeling of freshness.

Other beverages that are common in Balouch include juices. These may be of different kinds, and are usually made from fruits. Sometimes, fruits are mixed together to produce a particular flavor.

The utensils used to make beverages vary, as each of these juices gets its flavor from the utensils as well. It is common for earthenware to be used, but a variety of utensils may be used that are made from different materials.

Indeed Balouchi cuisine has a mixture of wholesome, spicy and sweet drinks, and each of them is tasty and delightful. You would certainly want to try them out.

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