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Balouchi main course meals are known for their appetizers. These are usually smaller versions of the main course components presented ahead of the main course. However, they are different, as they are served in smaller amounts and are very stimulating.

Balouchi cuisine indeed does have a great deal to offer. There is a variety of light food to heavy foods, and all are very delicious. Like several other cuisines, Baluchi cuisine also has common components. One of these components of the cuisine is its appetizer. Baluchi cuisine appetizers are different to others. Its appetizers are aromatic as well as spicy.

Prior to getting on to the main course meal, in Balouchi cuisine, you would be presented with several cold kebabs. Indeed, there may be ten different kinds of them. This is thought to be a real treat in Balouchi cuisine. Tribal people are known to eat their cold kababs the following morning after preparing them at night. This over night preparation of these kababs gives them an extra taste.

In addition to these appetizers, another common feature of appetizers include the thandi machli aur khatte kheere (tandoori machalli that is usually accompanied by gherkins and cucumber shavings. Also, you may have the taaze pudine aur hari mirch ke aloo are two of the best kabas you will taste in Balouchi cuisine.

Balouchi cuisine appetizers are an integral part of a meal. Especially for a main course, they play an important role in tantalizing your taste buds.

One aspect of appetizers in Balouchi cuisine is that some of them are served cold. This virtually tells you that it is not the main course, and what is to follow is much more fulfilling. With being presented with types of items that are appetizers in Balouchi cuisine, you will be tempted to try each and every one of them, and this is particularly the case when you attend functions.

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