Here are some of the most popular Azerbaijani meat dishes: Kufteh Tabrizi (Giant meatball) - A combination of ground chuck, potatoes, herbs and spices, all formed into a giant meatball, slowly cooked and served with its natural juices and pita bread. Showraw (Ethnic pot roast) is a combination of cubed black angus steak, potatoes, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans.This delicious dish is cooked slowly in a clay pot with a tomato based sauce, seasoned with imported herbs and spices. Joujah Kabob - contains fresh, boneless, skinless chicken tenders, marinated, skewered and charbroil grilled. Kabob Soltani - one skewer of Shish kabob and one skewer Kubideh (ground beef kabob) that is served with grilled tomatoes. Ghormeh Sabzi (Beef and Herb Stew) - A combination of beef, fresh herbs, dried lemon and kidney beans, slowly cooked in its natural juices and served over basmati rice. Shorbah (Lamb Shank Stew) - A combination of fresh lamb shank, garbanzo beans, tomato and potatoes, slowly cooked its natural juices.

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