Cuisines can only be complete when they have all the necessary portions in them. Portions like desserts and beverages are most important aside from heavy main course dishes. Since these heavy main course meals are mostly meat-based ones, there should also be some dishes that counter this effect. This is the reason why cuisines such as the Awadhi cuisine have vegetarian dishes too.

Vegetarian dishes cannot be left out of any cuisine. Even if they are present in a very small number, they will be present. In Awadhi cuisine, this is the case too, as there are certainly some great vegetarian dishes to enjoy.

One of the best vegetarian starters is Cheese Kurkuri. This is rather similar to cheese spring in spring rolls. With this, the Khatte Aalo and Awadhi Kadhi are authentic curries.

Another dish is the Zeer e Chaman, which is described as a simple but tasty dish. Dal Bukhari for some is the best of these delights as it leaves a lovely buttery taste in your mouth.

In addition to the bigger treats, there are the simpler vegetarian meals like subzi, dal, roti and rice. These are popular almost throughout India, and are at times the food of the average man. In neighboring countries as well, these meals are quite popular not because of the fact that it may be cheap to consume but because of the simple yet tasty nature.

Vegetarian dishes may be simple or elaborate, but whichever categories they fall under they are healthy and nutritious foods to consume. This is because they have great deal of vitamins and minerals in them. Also, since vegetable dishes are not to be cooked to the extent that meat dishes are, their minerals are not wasted away. Therefore, vegetarian dishes cannot be omitted from any cuisine. Therefore, Awadhi cuisine also cannot do without vegetarian dishes. Certainly, they wouldn’t do without vegetarian dishes in their cuisine particularly because of the fact these dishes are delicious.

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