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In any cuisine snacks are just as important as main course meals. This is because you are not always ready to sit down and have a grand meal when you feel grubby. Snacks in some cuisine may be smaller versions of the main course meals or they may be entirely different dishes cooked altogether. In Awadhi cuisine you may have both types.

As far as having unique dishes, ones like kachoris and pooris are popular. These make great small snacks. However, kababs are also popular as snacks. Though they may be consumed at main course meals they are also convenient to carry around, which means that they can be taken when you go on outdoor trips.

In addition to these snacks, roti may also be consumed with curry or sabzi, and this makes a great snack too. Also, Cheese Kurkuri makes a good snack and is a real delight. Khatte Aalo and Awadhi Kadhi are also pleasant gravies to have as snacks. Zeer e Chaman and Dal Bukhari also make great snacks. Other dishes that can be used as snacks include: Dum Murgh Ka Stew, Pathar Gosht, and Murgh Ke Sooley.

In Awadhi cuisine, it is important to have snacks in order to have a complete cuisine. With the wide range of foods in this cuisine, it can be seen that there is no shortage of snacks available in Awadhi cuisine.

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