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Salads are believed to be of several kinds in different cuisines. In Awadhi cuisine, it must be asserted that there is a great deal of emphasis on salads. This is because it has been realized that salads are most important to making a meal more delightful. That extra special excitement in the crunch of a salad is vital to making a meal more enthralling.

Vegetables are nutritious, and different combinations of vegetables in salads produce different nutritional advantages. However, Awadhi cuisine is primarily concerned with great taste. The following are few types of salads common in Awadhi cuisine:

Tandoori Salad is a combination of vegetables, pineapple, and cottage cheese. This salad may also be made up of green pepper stuffed by a potato-based mixture. This base is a vegetarian mixture, and is cooked in a tandoor/oven.

In addition to the above salads, there are others such as the green salad, which obviously indicates that this salad has only green vegetables in it, kachumber salad, which is a mixture of finely chopped vegetables mixed well, and the roasted papad that is actually made up of lentils.

In addition to these types of salads, you may also have curd-based salads. These are of various kinds, and may be prepared in accordance with what you like. Sometimes the curd may be had on its own with nothing mixed in it at all. This is because curd is wholesome and has a great taste that goes along with nearly all dishes in Awadhi cuisine. However, curd may be mixed with a number of vegetables and spices too in order to produce a crunch and thrilling taste along with your main course meal. In Awadhi cuisine, salads are important, and any form of it would be included at a banquet or grand meal.

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